Ways To Avoid Wedding Picture Disasters

These tips can help you have an unforgettable wedding that would etch in every guests mind. Lastly, wait for the social media updates from your friends and families talking about how unique and fun the wedding was. It safe to say that almost everyone has a bad picture moment. Whether it’s a casual photo with your friends at the beach or your special moment at your graduation, everyone can relate to a bad photo day. But there’s nothing more horrifying than finding a bad picture on your big day. It could be a momentary pose or a family photo where your eyes are closed. Your wedding photo album needs to be perfect because 5 years from now you do not want to open your wedding album and find a picture of you half way through a cough. How exactly do you avoid these wedding photo disasters? Read on to find out ways you can prevent a bad photo day.Have a trial photo-shootYes, a trial photo shoot is as important as the rehearsal dinner that you practice your toast and your first dance. Wear a similar color or a clothing that is close to your wedding dress and suggest you makeup artist to have a hair trail on that day. When you strike different poses, you will know what really looks good on you. Imagine that it’s your big day and the pressure will have you doing your best to have a good smile on that day. Not everyone has the capability to be photogenic when getting off the wedding cars. So, this is why you need to have a trial photo shoot before the grand event. See more here https://www.vha.com.au/weddings. Don’t try anything new New can be nice and different but it also means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out something completely different. Do you really want to take the risk of jumping in air or trying out a photo-shoot in a location that could possibly ruin every angle of your picture? It’s obviously a big no. stick to the kind of pose and location that you know looks good on youWhat’s your best side?Everyone has their best and worst side when facing the front camera. If you feel like the left side of your face gives a celebrity like pose then strike one with your friends and family to have the best snap in your album. You can look into your past photos with your friends and figure out which side compliments your features. Stand along the chauffeured cars with your best side to have your best pose taken for your album.Beauty naps and water Eye bags and sunken cheeks are the last thing you would want to notice on your big day. It’s important that you drink lots of water to keep the puffiness and dryness at bay. Make sure you get lots of sleep amidst the stress and the planning to get rid of your eye bags.

Smiling is the best feature that can give a promising look on your big day. So, stay healthy and smile more often. You can be sure that 5 years from now when you open your album you will find yourself looking at some amazing wedding photos.