Variety Of Whisky’s Available

Whisky is one of the oldest drinks of the human civilization. Originating in Ireland and Scotland way back in the 1100s, it is made by distilling beer. Today there is whole new world of whisky out there. It has evolved so there are many types of whisky out there. For some beginner drinker unfamiliar to whisky it can be quite overwhelming. With the varieties out there there can be quite some confusion. Fear not I will provide you with a guide to the world of tasmanian Whisky so you can have all your confusions cleared and help you find your type of drink

The following is the list of the types of Whisky available and their description


If you know anything about alcohol then you must have heard of the term bourbon. Bourbon is the American version of Whisky. It is not aged much so its younger than Scotch and can have a lower alcohol level than scotch. When it comes to flavour Bourbon is sweet. It’s a good choice for a beginner as its taste isn’t very strong and is not as aged as Scotch.


Ireland is the birthplace of Whisky. It is aged for a minimum of three years. A lot of Irish whisky is distilled three times therefore it has a higher alcohol content and purity.


A popular type of Canadian Whisky is Rye. Rye is type of grain and very similar to Barley and Wheat. When it comes to similarity it is very close to Bourbon.  A lot of Canadian producers are trying to bring in variety and turn Canadian Whisky into a market segment of its own. Due to less restrictions in Canada a lot of variety is available as the producers experiment.


Originating from Scotland. Speyside is a classic and widely consumed drink. It is probably one of the most famous Whisky’s out there.


Originating from the Islay Island in Scotland Islay is another popular choice. Islay is usually considered to be strong and smoky therefore not suitable for beginners. However that’s not true and mild varieties are available.  If you want to drink something strong go for Islay but don’t be put off by Islay if you don’t want a strong drink as mild varieties are also available.


Lowlands are underrated. There are some great varieties and are great if you want a gateway to Scotch.


A lot of best shaw smith sauvignon blanc is consumed in India. There is little to no regulation so producers get creative. For instance some Whisky is made with molasses in it so the Whisky resembles Rum. So if you don’t mind something creative then you should try the Indian variety.

Whatever you taste maybe as of now you should have a good idea of the variety of Whisky’s available.