The Ultimate Geek Checklist

Long gone are the days when people conveyed their messages via telegram or wrote letters to each other. Nowadays, it’s all about the sending messages within seconds from one part of the world to the other. As technology has evolved, there has been an increase in the number of tech crazy geeks too. Here is the ultimate geek checklist to help you identify if you belong to this category too.

Can’t wait for the latest gadget
Your obsession with the gadgets is so extreme that you would rather skip a few meals than miss out on the latest gadget in the market. There is no doubt that the gadget companies rely on people like you to garner huge profits during the first few weeks of release. You spend months waiting for the next release in the market and you even dream about all the features that would be included. Sometimes, you might even have nightmares that it was sold out before you could get your hands on it.

You’re always broke
Living in a small house with minimum furniture and little to eat is not an issue for you. But surviving without your favorite gadget might seem unimaginable. With the gadgets being so expensive and you spending half of your paycheck on them, you always end up being broke. Moreover, you want the best computer cases, the latest mobile phones and all the accessories related to that particular gadget. With a love for gadgets like this, how does one ever save up money?

Will read anything tech related
People usually find it quite boring to wait outside the doctor’s cabin until their turn arrives. But not you! Instead, you would rather utilize this free time to pick up a magazine and find out about the latest sensation in the market. In case, there are no magazines available. You would use technology itself (a.k.a mobile phone) to read up a little more on technology. Be it an old documentary on how the first computer power supply unit was developed or an update on the upcoming gadgets in the market, if it’s tech related, you will read it for sure.

Gaming isn’t a passion- it’s LIFE!
Socializing is a thing of the past. You probably don’t remember the last time you went out to a party and made new friends. Your idea of an ideal weekend is chilling at home with chips, soda and your favorite game. In case you feel like socializing, you prefer calling a few of your gamer friends over and spending the entire weekend glued in front of the television.
If you fit into at least one of these categories then you are on the verge of entering the “geek world”. But if you could relate to all of them, then you could definitely call yourselfcomputer tower a tech obsessed geek!

Critical Issues With Online Dating

Theoretically online dating sounds far too good for many people, but there are critical issues that potential users need to know before they decide to take the step. For a dating agency to appeal to many users, it needs to provide a variety of services, and have a large number of users so that matchmaking becomes easier and more effective. By looking at the profiles of dating agency users, one will realize there are people from various ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds. As well there are users from various geographical locations, and with different interests. However, not all the information is true and there is need not to trust any information provided, unless it has been confirmed. There are so many online liars who are out there to make a fool out of others, which is the reason why most of the dating agencies require serious users to verify their identity. Fake profiles are the biggest challenge that is yet to be fully tackled, in that the agencies cannot force a user to verify their identity.

Many newbie’s to online dating assume that the personality tests provide perfect results, and this arises from the fact that many of them do not understand how the process works. This is purely an artificial process which uses complex mathematical analysis and algorithms to match users, and the major assumption here is that the information users provide on their profiles is true. In some instances, the dating agency for professionals use the information from user activity to provide a match. This simply means that a user has to perform a personal test on the match, to confirm that the information given is true, before proceeding in any way.  What has made many people turn to online dating is the fact that they can easily perform a compatibility test on potential partners prior to in-person meeting. As much as online dating priority for a large number of people in the 21st generation, it’s an indisputable fact that it also needs perseverance, social skills, honesty and caution, just like offline dating.

As much as Asian dating is gradually turning from the traditional offline to the modern online, there are major concerns on the amount of time people spend in free dating sites Sydney. With a couple of marriages and relationships broken due to this, we can say that the negative consequences can be unbearable. There is also various reported cases of people losing concentration at work, because they can no longer wait until it’s time for break, to check out on their online friends. This means that online dating really requires a certain degree of discipline. People should learn to restrict themselves from participating in too many chats at a time, because this may negatively affect their concentration in other activities. However, people should also consider the fact that having too many virtual friends is not good for the social well being of a person, and come up with better ways they can handle this issue. It’s important to move from dating online to meeting in person if you want to develop really healthy relationships.