Ace The Interview And Get The Job

You got the call for the most awaited interview in your most favorite company and you are now panicking as to how to face the interview. Follow the below steps to ensure that you face the interview right and land on your dream job.

Search online and offline

Companies like to know whether you have taken time to really know what they are and what their business practices are. You might have sometimes applied without knowing what the company does, so when you get the call, start looking for online and offline media about the company, their new innovations, new acquisitions and new marketing and other campaigns. This will give you confidence in the company.

Speech and presentation

Interview is the spotlight for you to speak and make yourself look like the perfect candidate for the job. Be prepared for the possible and common questions asked. Go through your previous experiences and job roles and say them in a way which can sell you story.

Know the location

Some companies conduct the interviews within the business premises while some companies hire private function rooms and meeting rooms to conduct the interview. Know the place well in advance as you don’t want to spend time trying to find the location on the day of the interview and risk getting late.

Fix your attire

Needless to explain first impression can create wonders in the minds of people and your interviewer. You don’t need to wear expensive clothes and shoes, but keep the color tone neutral and wear a professional makeup without overdoing it. For guys, the rule of thumb would be to match the color of the belt to the color of your shoes. Regardless of your gender, clean the insides of your nails and comb you hair neatly.

Face differing questions confidently

As much as you prepare for the possible questions some interviewers surprise us by asking completely different questions. Don’t panic if they ask “What will you do if we tell you to organize a hens party Melbourne?” It is common knowledge that interviewers ask out of the business topics to know what kind of a personality you have. Think and always give answers to portray yourself as a good team player and a well-spirited person.

Ending the interview

As much as the beginning the ending is important. Most interviewers ask whether you have any questions. Don’t back off, and simply ask a few questions regarding the company or the job role. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the role.

Don’t forget to thank them for calling you for the interview and if possible ask for their business card. Drop an email once you reach home thanking them and informing them that you are eager to be a part of the company.

An interview is the best way to promote you and get the job. Make sure that you switch off your mobile phone or turn on silent mode before the interview. Carry a few copies of your CV with a few copies of your identity card and transcripts if applicable.